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AP 101: Academic Appointment and Assignment Record (doc) rev. 10/2013

AP 101S-2357: Self-Support Teaching Appointment/Assignment Records (doc)

AP 101S-2358: State Support Non-Teaching Appointment/Assignment Record (doc)

ASE 101: Academic Student Employee Description of Duties (doc)

ISA 101: Instructional Student Assistant Appointment Record (doc) rev. 10/2013

ISA 101S: Summer Term Instructional Student Assistant Appointment Record (doc) rev. 04/2014

ISA Hourly Worksheet (xls)

AP 107-A: Administrative Time (doc)

AP 107-B: Assigned Time (doc)

AP 107-C: Other Support Time (doc)

AP 109: Faculty Evaluation Form (pdf) rev. 10/2010

AP 109: Faculty Evaluation Form (doc) rev. 10/2010

AP 109-L: Lecturer Evaluation Form (doc) rev. 03/2014

AP 112: Leave with Pay Application Form (doc)

AP 112-B: Leave with Pay Agreement (doc)

AP 112-C: Leave with Pay Promissory Note (doc)

AP 140: Pre-retirement Reduction in Time-Base (PRTB) Election Form (doc) rev. 03/2014

AP 154: Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Election Form (doc) rev. 10/2013

AP 155: Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Reduction Request (doc)

AP 156: Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Redistribution Request (doc)

AP 190: Faculty Request for Leave of Absense Without Pay (doc)

AP 191: Faculty Notice of Resignation (doc)

AP 193: Parental Leave Options Form (doc)

AP 312: Application for Market Increase (doc)

SC 100: Special Consultant Appointment and Agreement Form (doc) rev. 10/2013

SC 101: Special Consultant Pay Request (Payroll Website under "Faculty and Staff Forms")

Outside Employment Disclosure Form (doc)

HR Form E (doc)

HR Forms

Separation and Retirement Forms (Including PR Form 192: Early/Final Settlement Authorization)